Hakurou’s painting style

Hakurou’s art is created based on a strong foundation of Calligraphy and Chinese traditional painting skills. Further he has been influenced by Japanese traditional artists, such as Seiho Takeuchi, Taikan Yokoyama, Gyokudo Kawai, Kaii Higashiyama, and also by Impressionism artists, such as Monet and Van Gogh.
As a result, he evolved his original, mysterious and elegant painting style, using not only the black of sumi ink, but also colors.

Born in Shanghai city, China
Starting painting from the age of five
Graduates Shanghai Institute of Literature
Became the last apprentice of Huang Huanwu, who was a master painter of the Lin Nan school of traditional Chinese painting, which influenced art in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
Received invitation to study in Japan from Tenga Hisatsugu, who was the Representative Director of the Japanese and Chinese Art Foundation.
Studied Japanese traditional painting, and Western sketching and painting in Musashino Art University for three years.

Since then he resides in Japan, working with Zen temples for commission works and exhibiting his art all over Japan and China. Hakurou also teaches students from his studio in Ome, Tokyo

Commissioned paintings in Zen temples

Wall painting
  • “Kamakura Kenchoji Wall painting of juniper tree”(3.4m×5.7m), Kenchoji Zen temple, Kamakura, Japan
Ceiling painting
  • “Dragon and Clouds”, Joshoji zen temple, Tokyo, Japan
  • “Main hall ceiling painting of flowers and birds”, Tensoji zen temple, Gunma, Japan
Sliding screens
  • “King of Dragon (Ryu-o-zu)”, Kenchoji Zen temple, Kamakura, Japan
  • “Flowers, Birds, and landscape painting”, Gyokusenji zen temple, Tokyo, Japan
  • “Cow and Tiger”, Nowmanji zen temple, Kanagawa, Japan
Kenninji zen temple, Kodaiji zen temple, Komyoji temple, Tōshōdai-ji, Hinatayakushi temple, Koyasan Kongobuji temple and Hieizan Enryaku ji temple.


  • The Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China Chinese paintings international exhibition silver award
  • Prime minister award
  • Award of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Award of Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Award of Mayor of Kouchi Prefecture
  • Award of the National Suibokuga (ink wash painting) Grand Prize
Solo Shows
  • Kenchoji zen temple in Kamakura
  • Kodaiji zen temple on Kyoto
  • Shanghai museum in China
  • The museum of Kyoto, in Kyoto
  • Ome city museum in Tokyo
  • Several galleries in Ginza, Tokyo
Former and current positions
  • Shanghai Art and Literature Research Institute adviser
  • Shanghai Literature Institute Researcher
  • All Japan and China Suibokuga (ink wash painting) Association Advisory Judge
  • Modern Suibokuga (ink wash painting) Association special judge
  • Modern Suibokuga (ink wash painting) Invited Artist
  • Modern Art of Sumi (Ink) exhibition Invited Artist
  • Founder of Hakuro Suibokuga
Published books
“Drawing bugs”, “Drawing Fish and birds”, “Drawing one branch, and one flower”, “Bokusaiga for intermediate and advanced students” from Japan Publications Inc.
“Introduction to Suibokuga” from Syusaku Publications Inc “Art of Hakuro” (first and second volumes) from Fukubi Publications Inc.

Special thanks. Translated by Aki Norton.